29 December 2009

A long way from home

I have just received an e mail from my sister with this picture attached showing christmas day at my home in Suffolk. It couldnt be more different from the picture I took on christmas day here in Byron, Australia.

27 December 2009

A present from Lomo

Having just got a couple of roles of film back from my fish eye lomo I realised how much Iwas missing all my film cameras which are tucked away in a cupboard at home.  I decide to replace my lomo which broke a couple of years ago and I sorely miss, a little christmas present to myself you might say.

I found it on the door step on christmas day. It was even wrapped up in lomo paper and beautifully packaged in a little wooden box with screen printed graphics on. Its almost worth ordering the camera just to see the packaging!

Finally I can make use of my Kodak EPP film which is sitting in a fridge in England going out of date. Film in the post, pictures to follow soon.

24 December 2009

Byron Bay Film Festival

I have been asked to produce some picture for The Byron Bay Film Festival to be held in March 2010. They asked me if I could submit some shots of typical Byron views to be used in their publicity material.  Here are a couple of shots I took walking up to the light house with my camera on christmas eve....tres beautiful.

15 December 2009

Christmas presents

Well its just over a week until christmas and I am trying to organise a christmas parcel to send home to my family. I have decided to send them each a print from my travels so far. Just trying to work out which print to give who now, fingers crossed they will arrive in time for christmas!!!

12 December 2009

A letter from Molly

One of the best things about staying in one place and having an address is that I can now receive post again. Post is one of my favourite things, sending and receiving it. Emails and texts are great but for me they will never replace the magic of a handwritten letter or card.

This morning I received my first letter form Molly my 5 year old niece. I think you will understand why I love post so much when you read this.

09 December 2009

Laptop arrives in Australia

Well I never thought I would admit it but I have missed my Macbook. This is mainly because I have hundreds of pictures from my travels that I have not been able to look through until now.

So at last it is time for some serious photo editing and organising beginning with my pictures from Borneo and Indonesia. I cant wait to look through them all but it some how feels very wrong to be inside behind a computer screen in this beautiful weather.