29 May 2010

Fat Freddys Drop

What better way to spend my last night in New Zealand than to go along to Fat Freddys gig in Auckland. The performance was absolutely amazing with the full 7 piece live band

If you get to chance to see them touring then I would highly recommend it. Check out their new album Dr Boondigga and The Big BW .http://www.fatfreddysdrop.com/

Ohhhhh Raglan

Well I decided to spend my last few days in Raglan, a small surf town on the West coast of the North Island. What a special place, I definitely saved the best until last.

I completely fell in love with Raglan, the wild black sand beach, the surf, the views, the stormy weather and the people. I will definitely be coming back here maybe sooner rather than later....

24 May 2010

Kiwi Homes

There is so much that I love about New Zealand but one of my favourite things are the houses here. They are all so different and full of character. I would love to live in a wooden house with a sea view like so many of the kiwis do.

West coast road trip

Well I have just spent the last week crusing up the West Coast of the South Island in my beautiful hire car. A white high mileage Nissan Sunny with bucket seats and no rear wiper, no expense spared! However Sunny has treated me well and we have seen some beautiful scenery on our drive.

16 May 2010

Franz Josef

Well I have just had the most amazing day on the Franz Josef glacier. I was fortunate enough to have my own personal guide as I have a friend who works here.

We went on quite an adventure exploring parts of the glacier where the tour groups dont go. I was pretty blown away by the experience which was added to with a complimentary flight in a helicopter over the glacier. What can I say friends in high places!

15 May 2010

Gunns Camp

On our way down to Milford Sound we stayed at a place called Gunns Camp which some friends of mine had discovered when they were travelling around New Zealand a couple of years ago. It is a small camp of tin huts which use to house the workman and their families during the 1930's. The huts have been left in their original condition and sit next a wild river, surrounded by trees and mountains.

The night we stayed on the camp there was a real mixture of people staying there. From the hardy finish backpackers camping in a field next to the huts to some wealthy New Zealand deer hunters who landed their brand new helicopter along side their tin hut! I would love to have stayed longer such a great place with so much character.

07 May 2010

The Tongariro Crossing

Well my weary limbs are slowly recovering from the 19km walk across the Tongariro Crossing. It was without a doubt the most spectacular scenery I have ever seen, I felt like I was walking across the moon. 

I took these shots on some out of date slide film I was given by a camera shop in Melbourne. I quite like the magenta cast it reminds me of dated slides and text books we used to look at when I was studying glaciation and plate tectonics in A level geography. 

06 May 2010

A windy walk

My friends Lottie and Chris taking a stroll along Muriwai beach near Auckland last Saturday.

02 May 2010

Dogs have more fun

I have just been sorting through some of my pictures from New Zealand and I came across this little series taken by my friend Marky whilst taking Spot and Coffee for a bedtime walk. It made me smile anyway:)

01 May 2010


I keep seeing fences with Jandals (or should I say flip flops) hanging off them. This fence was by the sea so I suppose these are just ones that have been found washed up. Its the fences in the middle of the country no where near the sea that I cant figure out!