28 March 2010

The Jewell in the Crown

Well I knew moving from our beautiful Byron bush retreat to a hostel in Perth would be a bit of a shock to the system, but I was not prepared for the delights of Jewell House....

I left Luke, my travel buddy in charge of booking our accomodation and this was the luxury that awaited us. On booking it I said I thought the flat screen tv was an unnecessary luxury but I think you will agree it was worth the extra pennies!!!

23 March 2010

Leaving Byron

Well just one more day in Byron before flying to Western Australia. I am very excited about future adventures, but sad to leave this beautiful place and the lovely people I have met here.

22 March 2010


I am just starting to pack up ready to hit the road again. Too much kit to carry but excited that I have the Leica in tow too now...time to shoot some of that out of date film.

18 March 2010

Kodak Epp

I just got back my latest role of cross processed Epp film. The colours are just amazing showing Byron Bay at its best. Please excuse the poor quality contact but I dont have a scanner in my back pack! Full prints to be uploaded soon...

11 March 2010


Well yesterday I was fortunate enough to have a play on my friends 600mm lens. The sun came out, there were a few waves in the bay and even the dolphins made an appearance!

Byron Bay Film Festival

Here are a few pictures from The film festival which kicked off last Friday night with live music, Bollywood Dancing, two amazing films and a big party. I have been documenting the film festival this week and can highly recommend popping along to check it out.

Last night I watched ' Sea of Darkness',  a brilliant documentary about the infamous G-Land surf camp in Indonesia. Visit their website to see whats on http://www.bbff.com.au/index.html

Above a still from Blowback, a film about life for the aboriginal people of Australia and bellow is a still from Stolen, a documentary about slavery in  Morocco.

03 March 2010

Mr Whippy

I have just spent a couple of days on The Gold Coast where I stayed with some friends whos father has an  ice cream business. I couldnt resist taking a few pictures of his cool vintage vans. 

Unfortunately it was raining so the vans were not out to play, however keep your eyes peeled and you may well see them parked up along the east coast somewhere.

02 March 2010

Pearls Place


I was just cycling over to a friends house to go out for an after work surf when I stumbled across Pearls Place. I think you can see why it caught my eye as I was cycling past. I am always intrigued by people who collect things, so had to stop and take a look. Pearl came out and took great pride in showing me her collection which she started fifteen years ago. 

Pearl said the reason she started the collection was because she was getting too old to keep up with garden, but she still wanted it to be colourful and pretty to look at. "  If it makes people smile then its worth it"