23 January 2010

Women and the waves

Last night I covered my first photographic job for the Byron Bay live site. It was a film screening of an event at the Community Centre called 'Women and the waves'. It was an incredibly inspiring film all about female surfing, from when it began to how it is now.
Above is a still from the film showing one of the first professional female surfers.


17 January 2010

Its a beach day

Just getting back the first few test roles of film from my new lomo camera. I had somehow forgotten that this camera has a mind of its own. For me this is part of its charm, you never know quite what you are going to find when you scan over that contact sheet. More often than not the pictures are too dark, too light and out of focus! However every now and then the LC-A  gets it just right and its worth all the hard work when it does.

16 January 2010

My first surf board

Well I am not sure what this has to do with anything really but I am so excited about owning my first board I wanted to share it with you. One of the reasons I choose to live in this part of Australia was to learn to surf, so the plan is finally coming together. 

I am hoping by spending more time in the water I will not only improve my surfing but also meet some of the local surfers. This may be the beginning of my next photographic project, I will keep you posted...

14 January 2010

Proof designs

I have just received this proof from my friend Kate of some drawings and banners she has designed for me to use on my blog and on my business cards. I love them all, but particularly the drawing of my Leica M6.

To see more of her beautiful illustrations go to  http://www.katesutton.co.uk/

11 January 2010

Little Bird Book

So the new year is here and its time to start making some plans for future projects whilst in Australia. So first step...New year new sketch book.

 As is often the case with moving to a new place i feel very inspired. I have lots of ideas for projects based around my new environment and its people. Its time to start writing some of these ideas in my little bird book and making plans to create these projects.

10 January 2010

Contributing to Get Out In Byron Bay

This afternoon I went in to collect some film from the camera shop in town and whilst in the shop was asked if I would like to cover some events in Byron to contribute to the Get Out In Byron Bay site. Sounds like it could be a lot of fun, take a look...


08 January 2010

Rock Jumping

Here are a couple of pics taken on my new lomo of my friends and I rock jumping at a secret place just outside Byron Bay. Its a beautiful spot and a lot of fun. I am just plucking up the courage to jump off the highest rock which is 25m. I think I need to work on my jumping technique before I try that one!