26 August 2010

Wedding website live...

Have a peek at my new wedding website. Separate website of other work to be launched soon. Until then check out...www.victoriaspofforthweddings.com

25 August 2010

Lucy and Will's New Abode

Well today I was meant to be making progress on my website but was a little side tracked with helping my sister prepare for the move to her new house.

The previous owners appear to have left the house fully furnished with some real treats....Fluffy dogs, floral carpets, a selection of lethal electrical goods and some soft furnishings to die for!!

Please excuse the noisy poor quality pics, but I thought they were worth sharing!

24 August 2010

Boat Life

Well I have just been to see my brothers new boat which he has been renovating for the last 6 months. Such an amazing homely space which has inspired my latest project which will be focused around The Waterfront in Norwich. The wharf in Norwich is full of character, each boat having its own style and charm, reflecting the personality of its inhabitant. Just need the sun to come out so I can make a start!

The Blue Gull...

Well this picture represents not only an amazing week in Cornwall but the name of my new surf board which is indeed blue and made by Gul! Cant wait to take it for a paddle in Cornish waters.