17 August 2013

A very special wedding...

Well there is no doubt that all weddings are special, but there is nothing quite like a family wedding. A couple of weeks ago my sister Lucy married Will in their garden in Suffolk. Here are a few moments from their brilliant day...

09 August 2013

This year I have mostly been teaching...

Although I haven't had much time to produce my own work this year, I hope I have injected some creativity into some of my students. Here are some examples of work produced by my Year 7, 8 and 9 art students and also by my Year 12 and 13 photography students. 

Year 7 A3 Oil Pastel Work

Year 9 Mono Print

Year 8 Chuck Close Style Painting
    Year 9 Mixed Media Landscape

    Year 8 Portrait Project
Year 9 Pastel Work

  Year 9 Giacometti Style Sculpture

Year 8  Still Life Painting

Year 8 Still Life Drawing

Year 12 and 13 Photography...






08 August 2013

Final book shoot

Last week I undertook my last shoot for the Whitstable book. With most of the building work complete, it was time to take some shots of this beautiful interior.  In a couple of months the picture editing and designing will begin, ready for the book to go to print early next year...exciting times.

The Owl and the Pussycat went to sea...

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of photographing Olly and Mariah's wedding. The service and celebrations took place on and around the River Deben. Both Olly and Mariah love the water and are currently sailing across the channel to their honeymoon destination....bon voyage!