26 October 2009

Remember ' Only Harry'


One of my favourite things about Bali was without a doubt the warm and friendly people. Kuta is particularly notorious for the constant attention from people trying to sell you everything and anything. Be this a bow an arrow set on the beach, some fake pearl earings that will turn your ear lobes black or the number one favourite, 'transport'. 

In between catching the odd wave and resting on the sun lounger I took a series of portraits entitled ' My friends on Kuta Beach' This is Harry I think he was my favourite, I am not sure if it was because of his huge smile or his abundant supply of tiramasu cornettos! He visited anything from two to five times each day but his parting words were always the same.. ' Remember only buy from Harry!'

08 October 2009

Luva Huva underwear shoot

Well the shoot I did back in August for Luva Huvas latest collection of hand made underwear is starting to go to print. Bellow are some tear sheets from Suffolk magazine.

It was a fantastic day. Suffolk at its best...stubble fields, grassy meadows, potting sheds and the most incredible warm harvest time light. 

06 October 2009

Jungle Warrior

This is Khai our Jungle guide for The Kinabtan river trip in Sabah, Borneo. I love his pose in this picture.

05 October 2009

PDF of Snow Magazine article

As I am not in England to receive my copy of Snow magazine, Rupert the journalist has kindly sent me over some PDFS of his article which includes some of my photographs to be published in the next edition of Snow magazine. The article features Alice and Markys mountain wedding as well as Fish and Pips the ski company I worked for last winter in Meribel.

03 October 2009

First Stop, Borneo

Well I am now in Borneo which seems to be tour group heaven. If I am honest I am a bit dissapointed that it seems I have to see everything in a tour group. It feels rather contrived and not how I envisaged seeing the country.

However I was intrigued by the hordes of tourists all photographing the great wonders of Borneo be this a distance orangutang in a tree or a mass of bats leaving a cave at night fall. So I decided to turn my camera on the tour groups rather than the grey monkey in the grey tree or the brown crocodile in the brown water.