16 May 2011

Letters through the lens

In an attempt to use my time off work productively I have spent the day thinking up photography projects for my school Photo Club. Here are a few examples I shot today for a project where the pupils are to look for and/or create shapes and letters in their surrounding environments.

04 May 2011

A penchant for dogs

A recent operation on my foot has meant I am pretty immobile for a few weeks and unable to get behind the camera as much as I would like. However in the mean time I have turned my hand to other creative projects. There seems to be a running theme....dogs.  

Dogs of all shapes and sizes....The first dog is a get well soon present from a friend. The second is one of a series that I screen printed on to fabric and made into cushions. The third dog is a bean bag toy I made for a friend expecting a baby.

01 May 2011

Putting my foot up

Well I have spent the last 3 weeks recovering from my foot operation. I still have 5 weeks to go and am already starting to go stir crazy! However I have managed to while away a few happy hours in this sunny little corner at home. I hope to be back on my feet (excuse the pun) and shooting soon.

My special shoe, more affectionately known as Bene to those who know him!