24 June 2010


I have just spent the weekend in Whitstable visiting friends  and getting some ideas for a commission I am working on which is based around this quirky little seaside town. Ultimately the pictures will end up in a book. It should be a lot of fun,  cant wait to get started.

Sunday Telegraph

I had a few photographs published in The Life section of last weekends Sunday Telegraph. I took the pictures last summer at a Suffolk wedding, take a peek...

08 June 2010

Heathrow arrivals

Dads candid shot from Costa coffee as I walked down the catwalk to greet my sister!
Well I am finally back on english soil after the most amazing 9 months. I have visited 5 new countries, I have slept in 51 different places and taken over 4,000 photos...time for some serious editing.

07 June 2010

Last stop...LA

Well I am now well on my way home but decided to stop over in LA for a couple of days to break up the flight. Not being a big fan of busy cities I decided to spend my time exploring the area between Venice Beach and Santa Monica.

I had to take this picture from the back of the sign as I would have been run over had I taken it from the front!

A walk along the promenade

Well I had one full day in Venice and decided to spend it walking along the promenade. Despite the thick sea fog that sat over the area the streets were still teaming with stall holders, buskers, entertainers, roller bladers, skaters and beach babes! It was a great place to while away the day people watching.

(Please excuse the grainy images, very low res scans!)

06 June 2010


Well once I had escaped the shopping centres and high rises of Waikiki I began to discover the real beauty on the island of Oahu. The remoter parts of the island were stunning. The way of life in the less touristy spots is so simple but amazing. Nobody seems in a rush to do anything and the moral work to live certainly applies here. Hopefully I will make it back in the future to explore some of the other islands. The glimse I got of them from the plane was breathtaking.