24 September 2010

My First Lesson

Well today I took my first lesson on press photography to forty GCSE pupils, hopefully it will be the first of many!

19 September 2010

A day at The Wharf

What better way to spend a saturday than pottering about on my brothers boat with my favourite camera. It was a lovely sunny morning the perfect day for me to make a start on my boat project, pictures will be up on my website soon...

13 September 2010

I love my Capri

Well its been another typical weekend of shooting for the paper... fetes, cricket, classic car shows and numerous 'fests'!!! I always try and take a few extra pictures outside those I am required to take.

This lovely man was sitting proudly in his gleaming  Capri munching on a cheese sandwich when I stopped to have a chat with him.

Of all the car enthusiasts at these meets I always think the older Capri drivers have a certain something about them.  They look as proud of their car now as they did 40 years ago when they first passed their test. I think this picture captures that typical Capri drivers twinkle ;)

03 September 2010

A long way down!

Well yesterday I spent the day attached to a harness hanging ten floors up on Paddington hospital. I was photographing the team from Marks and Spencers head office doing an abseil for charity. It was an exhausting but brilliant day, working with lovely people and under warm blue skies in London town. 

It was one of those days at work when I thought how lucky I was not to be stuck in an office but high in the sky taking pictures my favourite past time. After the last M and S employee went down I decided it was my turn. Soooooooooooo much fun!!!