14 November 2009

My new home... Byron Bay, Australia

Well all being well it looks like this will be my home for the next few months. Really looking to living by the sea  for a while and taking in all that this beautiful part of Australia has to offer. 

So its time to get my head down... start saving, practise my surfing and keep the photography projects rolling.

07 November 2009

Time to put pen to paper

Well as I wait at Bali Denpassar for my midnight flight to Australia I finally find time to write about some of my amazing experience in this beautiful place. There are so many little details which I want to rememer about my time here. The crazy currency for one, I dont think I have ever been anywhere where they give you sweets if they dont have the right change! 

02 November 2009

In to the woods...

Having photographed lots of beautiful beaches, sunrises and sunsets I decided it was time to turn my camera on a less romantic view of Bali, cock fighting. This seems to be a huge part of the Balineese culture and something I was keen to experience. 

So one afternoon I left Sarah (my travel buddy) drinking cocktails by the pool and I hopped on the back of a moped with a local man from Lovina (northern Bali).  So off we went out of the small town, in land for ten minutes or so then down a long dirt track to the woods until we came across the meeting point. Within this clearing there were about 50 or so mopeds, 80 or more Balineese men, a lot of cockerals, a few children, a couple of dogs and me!

It was certainly an interesting insight in to the gambling world of Bali and definitely an experience I wont forget in a hurry. The smell, the atmosphere, the colours, the people and the incredible warm evening light shining through the trees.