22 October 2010

The Sunday Telegraph

Looks like my pictures were to print sooner than I thought. Happy quince picking!

11 October 2010

Autumn treats from the garden...

Well on Saturday I took some pictures of Autumn in The Kicthen Garden, an on going commission. So many delicious fruits to make amazing things from, ummm damson gin my favourite...

Hopefully some of the pictures will feature in the gardening part of the Sunday Telegraph sometime in the new year.

08 October 2010

New business cards

Well my business cards have finally arrived so its time to spread the word... Thanks to the lovely Miss Sutton for allowing me to use her beautiful illustration on one of them:)

07 October 2010

The end of summer

I just got a film back with a few September pictures on. This is the view from the school where I am working at the moment. Not a bad view from the office!